GOcart™ Scope Transport System


Scope Transport System
25″D x 22″W x 38″H

Our new GOcart™ is designed to defend against scope damage and prevent cross-contamination during transport to storage, procedures, or decontamination.

An open frame design offers increased visibility to reduce cleaning time and gapless construction discourages debris accumulation.

The MASS™ GOcart™ Scope Transport System is precisely engineered for value and performance.

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  • Antimicrobial HDPE
    − Continuous protection against pathogenic microorganisms


  • Open frame design
    − Increased visibility to reduce cleaning time
    − Gapless construction discourages debris accumulation
  • Multi-point tray grips
    − Secure fit keeps scopes in place throughout transport

Endoscope Trays

  • Extra deep
    − Deters over-coiling of scopes in compliance with SGNA.¹
  • Long-lasting
    − Resistant to leaks and punctures
  • 4 Trays and lids included
    − Additional trays available for purchase


  • Premium casters
    − Highly maneuverable


1. Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates, Inc. (SGNA). (2012). Standards of Infection Control in Reprocessing of Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes [PDF file]. Retrieved from https://www.sgna.org/Portals/0/Education/PDF/Standards-Guidelines/sgna_stand_of_infection_control_0812_FINAL.pdf