Medical PPE Storage Cart

Medical PPE Storage Carts

Infection Control PPE Cart for Coronavirus Disease.
26” D x 45.12” W x 78” H

Medical PPE Storage Cart allows critical COVID-19 PPE inventory for infection control to be stored in dedicated isolation wards or quickly travel to temporary isolation units.

Infectious disease outbreaks, such as Coronavirus Disease 2019, may strain central supply and limit your department’s ability to respond.

Standard and Transmission-Based Precautions for Infection Control of Isolation patients require proper PPE usage. Most notably is that new PPE must be donned with each entry into a patient room.¹

The MASS™ Medical PPE Storage Cart has enough capacity to store large quantities of Coronavirus PPE including: Goggles or disposable full-face shields, NIOSH-approved N95 respirators, Gowns, and Nonsterile gloves.²

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  • Powder Coated Metal


  • Hinged Glass
  • Keyed Locking

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