Endoscopy Scope Storage Cabinets and Transport Carts

Rotating scope holders make loading and removing scopes easy, safe, and secure.

MASS™ Medical Storage puts you in control of time, space & productivity throughout the GI Lab with a wide range of customizable solutions to store, transport and protect your Endoscopy equipment. Our systems satisfy the Joint Commission standards set by Infection Control and manufacturer requirements for storage and are the most highly compliant in the industry.

We work with you to design and build an efficient storage system to best utilize & track inventory in various sizes & quantities including colonoscopes, EUS scopes, TEE probes, bronchoscopes, cystoscopes, laparoscopes and small or large-diameter scopes. Our Secure-A-Scope cabinets feature a revolutionary new design through simple engineering, setting the standard for scope storage and accessibility. We also offer a variety of transport & procedure carts ranging from standard, auto-clavable and motorized models.


  • 2 filtered ambient air vents

  • Easy-to-clean removal drip tray

  • No contact between scopes & drip tray

  • Scopes separated from other scopes

  • Scopes hang straight, not coiled

  • Padded walls to protect distal tip


  • Keyed, keyless, or digital proximity lock

  • LED lights for easy viewing & scope management

  • Proprietary specialized EUS holder to securely store Ultrasound connector

  • Powered Circulation Fan


  • Storage Needs Analysis

  • Free Engineering CAD Design Service

  • Mobile & Architectural Solutions


  • Simply Engineered

  • Positive loading & unloading so user knows scopes are securely in place

  • Highest Hanging height in the industry

  • Front holders rotate for easy access to rear scopes and even scope rotation

  • High quality molded ABS holding system

  • Contiguous holder with no welds, glues or cavities to prevent scope contamination

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