Endoscope Storage

Protect your endoscopic investments with MASS™ scope storage cabinetsProtect your valuable equipment with MASS™ Secure-A-Scope™ Storage System. Engineered to protect your scopes and provide easier access for your employees, MASS™ Secure-A-Scope™ cabinets feature a revolutionary new design that sets the standard for scope storage and accessibility. Rotating scope holders make loading and removing scopes easy, safe and secure. Padded back-walls, specially-designed scope racks, and filtered ambient air vents meet the requirements for scope storage suggested by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN). Choose from melamine or metal construction.

Whether you have colonoscopes, EUS scopes, TEE probes, bronchoscopes, or cystoscopes, MASS™ has you covered with a variety of different racks to accommodate various scope sizes and quantities.


Available Secure-A-Scope™ Storage Cabinets

Standard Scope Storage Small Diameter Scope Storage Pass-through Scope Cabinet

Standard Scope Storage - MASS™ Medical Storage Secure-A-Scope™ cabinets not only organize your scopes, they protect them as well. [Learn More]

Small Diameter Scope Storage - These cabinets are ideal for storing bronchoscopes, cystoscopes, uretheroscopes, and TEE probes. [Learn More]

Pass-through Scope Cabinet - Utilize this scope storage cabinet in a wall between the clean room and procedure room to optimize your department. [Learn More]