Cabinets & Scope Transport Carts


MASS™ Medical Storage puts you in control of time, space, and productivity. Customize your GI Lab with our wide range of solutions to store, transport, and protect your endoscopy equipment. Our systems satisfy The Joint Commission standards set by Infection Control and manufacturer requirements for storage and are the most highly compliant in the industry.


The MASS™ truAIR™ Drying Cabinet is designed to provide HEPA-filtered, pressurized airflow directly into the cabinet itself and continuous positive air pressure through each endoscope lumen. This MASS™ proprietary system achieves these standards at an unprecedented value, enabling most facilities to meet higher standards and provide their patients with the best in infection control for endoscope storage.


We work with you to design and build an efficient storage system to best utilize and track inventory in various sizes and quantities including colonoscopes, EUS scopes, TEE probes, bronchoscopes, cystoscopes, laparoscopes and small or large-diameter scopes. Our Secure-A-Scope™ cabinets set the standard for endoscope lockers, cabinets, and accessibility. We also offer a wide variety of endoscopy and procedure carts.


  • Our line of MASS™ truAIR™ endoscope drying cabinets provide industry leading storage and drying performance.

  • Multiple sizes and capacity options to meet the demands of any facility.

  • MASS™ endoscope storage cabinets satisfy most hospital’s infection control needs, providing successful inspections from The Joint Commission.

  • Rotating scope holders make loading and removing scopes safe, easy, and secure.

  • Scope holders engineered to protect scope heads and support umbilicals.

  • Back wall of cabinet padded vinyl to prevent damage to distal tips.

  • Removable drip tray.

  • Designed for colonoscopes, upper GI scopes, EUS scopes, enteroscopy scopes, and other specialty endoscopes.