TV Probe Cabinet (4 or 8 Capacity)



18-3/4”D X 21-5/8”W X 85”H (4 Capacity)

18-3/4”D X 40-7/8”W X 85”H (8 Capacity)

Transvaginal Ultrasound Probe Cabinets store your TV probes safely and securely. The specialty holder(s) included in the cabinet allow for the probes to hang freely and vertically to aid drying.

Our unique holder system helps prevent cross-contamination while protecting the transducer box. Includes MASS truHEPA™ Filtered Air.

Standard Features


Powder-Coated Metal or Stainless Steel


Standard keyed locking hinged glass door

Slope Top

MASS truHEPA Air System

TV rack with 4 or 8 Capacity


Keyless lock available

LED Lighting

Temperature/Humidity Gauge

Roll-Up Door