Full Size Storage Carts

MX6101DLHG-GEN (General Storage Cart)

MX6101LHG-SLOT (Slot Shelf Cart)

MX6101LHG-CATH (Cath Lab Cart)

MX6101LHG-SHELF (Shelf Cart)

Exchange Carts – Available in the four pre-configuration models above.

24”D x 45-1/4”W x 78″H

​Easy customizations available to mix and match interior components – trays, baskets, bins, shelves, and more. Easy to reconfigure for new packaging and procedures. Highly maneuverable with lightweight construction and premium casters. Also available in additional sizes, including half or full-width and tall or short carts.

Standard Features


Powder Coated Metal

Stainless Steel


FlexLok™ Roll Up

Hinged Glass

Solid Hinged

Open (no door)

Accessories (Add-Ons)

FIFOGlide™ Catheter Management System

Locking (Add-Ons)

Keyless (Mechanical or Digital)

LED Lighting