LUCENT™ Full Size Carts & Cabinets

LPC-T2736-G-SHELF (Shelf Cart)

LPC-T2736-G-SLOT (Slot Shelf Cart)

LPC-T2736-G-GEN (General Storage Cart)

LPC-T2736-G-CATH (Catheter Cart)

LUCENT™ Full Size Carts & Cabinets – Available in the four pre-configuration models above. They are also available as cabinets with four or six-inch toe kicks.

27”D x 36”W x 78″H (Carts)

27”D x 36”W x 75-1/2″H (Cabinet – four-inch toe kick)

27”D x 36”W x 77-1/2″H (Cabinet – six-inch toe kick)

​Easy customizations available to mix and match interior components – trays, bins, shelves, and more. Easy to reconfigure for new packaging and procedures. Highly maneuverable with lightweight construction and premium casters.

Standard Features

Materials (Options)

Powder Coated Metal

Stainless Steel

Door (Options)

Locking Hinged Glass

Locking (Add-Ons)

Keyless (Mechanical and Digital)


Exchange System (Add-Ons)



FIFO Glide™

Louver Panels

LED Lighting