MASS truAIR Endoscope Instrument Grade Drying Cabinet (9 or 18 capacity)


MASS™ truAIR™ Endoscope Drying Cabinet Storage and Protection for 9 or 18 flexible endoscopes.

18 15 ⁄ 16” D x 41” W x 92” H
MASS™ truAIR™ with Hospital Air

18 15 ⁄ 16”D x 57 ½ ”W x 92” H

MASS™ truAIR™ with Compressor Cabinet

MASS™ truAIR™, our scope drying and storage cabinet, provides HEPA-filtered, pressurized airflow directly into the cabinet itself and continuous positive air pressure through each endoscope lumen.

Fully compliant with The Joint Commission, AORN, SGNA, and other standards and guidelines.

This MASS™ proprietary system achieves these standards at an unprecedented value, enabling most facilities to meet higher standards and provide their patients with the best in infection control for endoscope storage.

Standard Features

Air Supply

High flow rate channel drying with 7LPM per scope

Self-contained air system


Standard keyed locking glass door

Slope Top


Powder Coated Metal or Stainless Steel


MASS truHEPA filtered air

Scope Hooks

Store 9 or 18 flexible endoscopes

Rotating scope holders to reduce cross-contamination

Air Manifold

Quick disconnect

9 or 18 Scope Connectors (sold separately)

Padded Lower Back Wall

Distal Tip Protection

LED Lighting


Bright white LED

Removable Drip Tray

Center Separator Scope Rack


Temperature/Humidity Gauge

Keyless lock available

Hospital Air integration