Stainless Steel Carts

Stainless Steel Carts – The best infection control the industry has to offer.


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​MASS™ offers customized hospital-grade stainless steel material, favored by Infection Control and OR directors for its easy-to-clean and anti-rust properties. Customizing with MASS™ for large OR and Sterile Core builds allow you to save money and precisely meet clinical storage and infection control standards without sacrificing the specialized components of other MASS™ Medical Storage products.

Standard Features

Materials (Options)

Stainless Steel

Door (Options)

Hinged Glass

Solid Hinged

Open (no door)

Accessories (Add-Ons)

FIFOGlide™ Catheter Management System

Locking (Add-Ons)

Keyless (Mechanical or Digital)

LED Lighting