MASS™ Track-A-Scope™ Endoscope Tracking Tablet (Drying Cabinet Add-on)


The MASS™ Track-A-Scope™ is designed to integrate with our Secure-A-Scope™ (SAS) truAIR™ Scope Drying Cabinets and is the perfect solution for tracking the drying and hang time of your scopes, as well as complying with ST91 drying regulations.

The endoscope tracking software makes tracking the drying and hang time easy by providing Excel reports for data preservation and recording relevant information on the included tablet with no patient or procedure information required.

Track-A-Scope™ Endoscope Tracking Software

Standard Features


Approx. 11 in. display tablet

Adjustable mounting bracket

Tracks scope drying and hang time

Features a color-coded system to help keep track of scope drying and hang time

Sends reports via Excel for audit tracking

All data is saved directly on the tablet and only requires a Wi-Fi connection

Includes one year of software upgrades and maintenance, with additional years available upon request