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MASS™ Channel Air Drying Cabinet

The new MASS™ Channel Air Cabinet is designed to provide HEPA-filtered, pressurized airflow directly into the cabinet itself and continuous positive air pressure through each endoscope lumen. This MASS™ proprietary system achieves these standards at an unprecedented value, enabling most facilities to meet higher standards and provide their patients with the best in infection control for endoscope storage.

Endoscope Drying Cabinet

MASStruHEPA™ Forced Air Solution

Proudly presenting our new MASStruHEPA™ Forced Air Solution. HEPA filters are currently required by many governing agencies. Talk with a MASS™ account representative about our ventilation options for your endoscope storage. CALL OUR SERVICE TEAM FOR RETROFIT INSTALLATIONS.
HEPA filter endoscopy storage cabinet)

Medical Storage Carts and Cabinets for Endoscopy, Catheters, and Other Acute Care Areas of the Hospital

MASS™ Medical Storage provides carts and cabinets for all areas of the hospital and clinic. MASS™ cabinets are built out of stainless steel, powder coated metal, and melamine. We match the right materials with the right performance requirements. Our quality medical storage options provide more space and more value! Our product range includes: Operating-Room-LED-Cabinet

Endoscopy Storage Cabinets and Carts

MASS™ Medical Storage puts you in control of time, space, and productivity. Customize your GI Lab with our wide range of solutions to store, transport, and protect your endoscopy equipment.

Endoscope-Storage-Cabinet (1)

Medical Storage Cabinets

Our MASS™ Medical Storage Cabinets are renowned for their versatility and robustness. They are long-lasting with the ability to fit a variety of medical spaces with maximum efficiency.


Medical Storage Carts

The range of MASS™ Medical Storage Carts gets you mobile! Our carts can be configured for a wide range of medical procedures that may require mobile storage.

Modular Storage

In modern acute healthcare, MASS™ Medical Storage puts you in control to maximize time and productivity with an all-new storage platform for optimizing your work space within our
exchange storage systems. Our new transparent Lucent™ supply trays allow you to customize and label compartments in seconds so supplies are organized, streamlined and
easily accessible.


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