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MASS™ Medical Storage manufactures closed storage medical carts, cabinets, and endoscope drying cabinets. For more than 20 years, our products have been integrated into the leading IDNs and Medical Centers across the USA.

Our closed storage medical solutions are expertly designed to help reduce common touchpoints, and where applicable use HEPA air filtration to assist cleaning protocols for prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). Storage systems designed specifically for Cath Labs, Operating Rooms, Hybrid ORs, GI Drying and Storage Cabinets, Emergency, Ortho, Sterile Core, ASCs, Clinics, and all patient procedure areas.

Our in-house engineers and national product experts collaborate with your teams to effectively prepare for The Joint Commission, AORN, SGNA, AAMI and all hospital infection control protocols.


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MASS™ Medical Storage’s products are specifically designed with infection control in mind. With options such as medical-grade stainless steel and antimicrobial paint, our product line will help your medical facility strive towards impeccable infection control. Our design team and engineers place the utmost importance on governing societies’ recommendations when designing our scope storage cabinets and transport carts.

MASS™ rises above the competition to understand your infection control needs. By continually monitoring the ever-changing guidelines and standards, our engineering team keeps our products at top compliance. MASS™ works hard to stay current with guidelines from governing agencies, including AORN, SGNA, TJC, AAMI, and more. We also closely check instructions for use from scope manufacturers such as Olympus, Pentax, and Fujinon in order to stay compliant while designing our scope storage product line.


Given the wide variety of medical procedures that require specialized storage, no single storage system will work for everything. MASS™ Medical Storage’s engineers have designed fully customizable, interchangeable storage to meet your anesthesia storage needs for each and every procedure.

Our proprietary Exchange System utilizes a multitude of components that can be changed quickly and easily. Wire baskets, bins, Lucent trays, drawers, and shelves uniquely combine and move to accommodate your immediate needs.


MASS™ Medical Storage understands the need for specialized storage within the cath lab. Our unique FIFO Glide™ Catheter Management System enables you to organize up to 735 hanging catheters. The FIFO Glide™ is specially engineered to provide simple inventory rotation. Inquire about our solutions for boxed catheters.

For your other cath lab supplies, MASS™ offers fully interchangeable storage systems with bins, drawers, shelves, trays, and more. Each component is available in different sizes, offering a unique opportunity to redesign the inner components of your carts or cabinets as needed.